Recently, threats with death by calling and messaging 22 times from whatsapp by a Pakistani number . These threats are given to Vidyasagar Baghla, a resident of Tibba Colony, vice-chairman of Haryana Goseva Commission. Offensive photos have also been received on his phone . A case has been registered after receiving the complaint regarding the same and investigation has started as well.

As per Vidyasagar Baghla a whatsapp call was received on Saturday evening from a Pakistani number and he was threatened with death and abuses. From evening till 11:30 pm that day, he received 22 WhatsApp audio calls and some WhatsApp messages from the same number, in which he has been written and abused. They were said to be threatened with death and to suffer the consequences.

Baghla informed the police the same night and a police complaint has been filed. He said that the Hoseva Commission has waged a strict campaign against cow smugglers all over the state . They suspect the same reason for the threats .

The case has registered against an unknown person under various sections .


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