Regarding complaints of corruption coming in the matter of property ID in Haryana, Chief Minister Manohar Lal has ordered a meeting with the officials to check it. On the very first day of joining the Urban Local Bodies Department Principal Secretary Arun Gupta, the Chief Minister has ordered that the data of the new survey should be uploaded within two months. Along with this, the work of updating the data in the closed room at the directorate level should be done. The CM has given these orders in the meeting of civic officials.

The Chief Minister has also directed to trace the employees involved in the corruption related to property ID and take action against them. According to the information received from the department, the game was going on in the new property ID for the last several days. In some cases the collusion of councilors and computer operators was also found. Since then the government has taken strict cognizance of the matter. Chief Minister Manohar Lal has ordered the higher officials of the ULB i.e. Urban Local Bodies Department that no new illegal colony should be cut in the state. Keep a close watch on the districts and areas where the colonies are cut and take immediate action as soon as the information is received.

With the preparation of digital data of land, the complete record of benami properties of the state will be with the government. The complete record of the property of the people of the state is also being uploaded in the family identity card. From this it will be known that which person has how much land, where in the state, in which district in the urban area. How many persons or families are there in the state, who do not have sufficient land. Due to lack of land, they are living in a rented house and are unable to arrange a roof for themselves.

Corruption in registries will be curbed
The state government has taken major steps in the recent past to check corruption in the registries of urban areas. Property ID is also being linked to this. After making the ID of all the urban properties of the state, corruption in the registries will be further curbed. You will not be able to forgery in the registry, nor will illegal colonies be cut.


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