newly made bus stops in chandigarh

Claimed to be made in crores, the newly made bus stops in Chandigarh are good for nothing, say residents of Chandigarh. Chandigarh Administration these days are busy improving the infrastructure and facilities for Chandigarh Public. They are spending a considerable amount on this. Sometimes it is really good to invest in such things that actually help in maintaining law and order. Putting CCTVs on lights is a very good thing. Chandigarh Admin does this to make it a smart city. But this time their effort has gone in vain because residents are claiming these bus stops are not that useful.

Neither the bus stops are useful in the rain nor good in stopping excessive heat in summer. The public is saying their design is such that it can neither protect you from the rain, nor from the hot sun, and hardly more than ten people can sit on it. As per the sources, more than 200 bus stops are planned to be built. People are surprised that a city like Chandigarh has top-class officers who do such small things. A Resident in Chandigarh on Twitter said

One person asked through Twitter to center government by tagging the official handle of PMO and Nitin Gadkari to intervene in this matter because the user wants to know upon considering which guidelines these bus stops have been built for the specially-abled persons. He asked this by claiming the report of the big media house.

Using harsh words against officers one is asking

Chandigarh is a planned city in India, so along with beauty, we have to undergo other things while making any changes in the infrastructure.


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