Actress Priyanka Chopra and pop singer Nick Jonas have become parents with the help of surrogacy. Priyanka herself shared the post on social media late on Friday night. Although the actress has a son or a daughter, she has not given information about this in the post. According to the report of US website US Weekly, Priyanka has become the mother of a daughter.
According to the report of Times of India, ‘Priyanka’s child has been born 12 weeks before the date given by the doctor. The couple’s child was born in a hospital in Southern California on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The baby is a bit weak due to pre-mature delivery. Nick – Priyanka have decided that until the child is completely healthy, he or she will remain in the hospital.
Priyanka wrote in her post, ‘We are overjoyed to confirm that we have welcomed a baby via surrogate. We respectfully ask for privacy during this special time as we focus on our family. Thank you so much.
Priyanka Chopra had said some things about baby planning with Nick during the show ‘The Jonas Brothers Family Roast’. Giving the example of Nick’s brothers, she joked on the show, “We are the only couple who haven’t had kids yet.That’s why today I want to tell everyone that Nick and I are planning a baby.” After this Priyanka said, “I don’t want to babysit.”


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