Mesoferous (a kind of powder) is used for biomedical use in our country, it is usually made by grinding animal bones. Powder is imported from abroad, its cost is more than one lakh rupees per fort. Now it will not be needed. Scientists of Panjab University and Punjab Engineering College Deemed to be University have prepared such a powder which is better than the existing powders not only in the country but also in the world and its cost is only 15%.

If prepared on a large scale, its cost can be even less. Recently scientists have got its patent. There is also no risk of infection to the patient. “Improved Calcium Orthophosphate for Biomedical Applications and Methods thereof”, Prof. Uma Batra, former Deputy Director of Punjab Engineering College and Prof. of University Institute of Engineering and Technology, PU. Seema Kapoor has got it.
Uma, chairperson of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials, says that India is far behind in the field of biomedical and most things are dependent on foreign countries. He started working in this direction in 2009. I met Pray Seema Kapoor for her collaboration lecture whose subject was chemistry. Earlier he has also worked on making zinc based organs. After about five years of hard work, he has prepared Mesoporous Calcium Orthophosphate.
He has used potassium and silicon in it. With the help of this synthetic mesaporase calcium orthophosphate, ben scaffold, ben validated filler, ben cement, coating or constituent for biocomposites, ben graft and ben substitute biomaterial land for drug and gene delivery. Medicines can be given through this for cancer or any other disease. It can be used for orthopedic surgery, dentistry and cosmetic surgery.
Material Fully Synthetic

He told that since this material is completely synthetic and made with the help of chemicals, there is no risk of infection through it. This product has not only been prepared in the lab but it was also compared with foreign material in which the results have been better.


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