Ancient Kashmir was a central region of natural and spiritual development. Between 1989 to 2018 it was a region of terror now abolition of 370 will make it peaceful again. AS PER SOURCES, THE NEWS OF FIRING AND VIOLENCE IS FALSE. NO ANY FIRING INCIDENT HAPPENED AFTER THE ABOLITION OF 370 AND 35A.


Ancient Secrets of Kashmir

Once upon a time Kashmir was centered around three things, they were spirituality, natural heritage and organic evolution. Most importantly the three components were interconnected. Now it has now become a region of malfunctioning of all the components.

Kashmir Issue – A religious revolution or a revolution for being developed?

If we look at the history, development of Kashmir was still a dream before the abolition of 370 and 35 A act, because separatists in Kashmir was making it a religious issue among the illiterates in the Kashmir. Kashmiri students who are studying in other states want only development. As per the survey from different media houses, only 20% students who are influenced from separatists. Only these youngsters spread havoc in Kashmir and indulge themselves in terror activities.

If we see the son and daughters of these separatists, they all are studying in universities of western countries. These separatists dont want to educate these bunch of Kashmiri youths. Other political leaders from Congress and other regional parties are also under the influence of these separatists.

  • People of Kashmir needs to understand, Kashmir is not only a region of Muslims.
  • People of Kashmir needs to understand Kashmir can only be developed without 370
  • People of Kashmir needs to understand that they are can earn only from visitors from other Indian states.



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