The results of the Lok Sabha elections have come. While the Samajwadi Party has taken the lead by winning the maximum number of seats in UP, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BJP), which had won 10 seats in the last election, could not win a single seat this time. BSP’s national president, Mayawati, has given her first reaction after getting zero seats in the Lok Sabha elections. She said that the Muslim community has been a part of the BSP. We will give them a chance in the future after careful consideration. She said that despite giving us proper representation in the last several elections, the Muslim community did not support us. Now the party will give them a chance after careful consideration, so that the party does not suffer a terrible loss in the future like this time.

She further said that our party has been demanding from the Election Commission from the very beginning that the elections should not be dragged out too long, but rather, keeping in mind the interests of the common people as well as the wider interests and security of lakhs of government employees and security personnel engaged in election duty, this election should be conducted in three or four phases at the most.Mayawati said that the elections were affected a lot due to the disruption of normal life, especially because of the intense heat almost throughout the day, and the voting percentage was also affected a lot, which remained a major cause of concern and was also constantly in the headlines of the media.

BSP chief Mayawati said that in such a situation, it is expected that, in view of democracy and the general public’s wider interest, the Election Commission will definitely keep these special problems of the people in mind while conducting the elections in the future. Apart from this, during the elections, it was a common discussion among the people suffering from inflation, poverty, and unemployment almost throughout the country that if the election is free and fair and there is no tampering in the EVM, then the election result will definitely be surprising, especially not according to the claims of the ruling party leaders.

The BSP supremo further said that whatever result has come in the Lok Sabha elections is in front of the people. Now they have to think and decide about the country’s democracy, constitution, and national interest—what impact will this election result have on their lives in the future and how peaceful and secure their own future will be. In this election, the BSP alone made every possible effort for a better result based on the strength of the people associated with the party, especially the people of my own caste from the Dalit class. By voting, I express my gratitude to them from the bottom of my heart.


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