PM Modi reiterated the message of peace in Austria

Vienna: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a visit to Austria, has made a big statement about the Ukraine war. In a joint press conference with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, PM Modi appealed for peace in Ukraine and said that this is not the era of war. He said, “Today, Chancellor Nehammer and I had a very meaningful conversation.” PM Modi said, “Chancellor Nehammer and I have discussed in detail all the ongoing disputes in the world, whether it is the conflict in Ukraine or the situation in West Asia. I have said earlier also that this is not the time for war.” He said that solutions cannot be found on the battlefield.

PM Modi further said, ‘Problems cannot be solved on the battlefield. Loss of innocent lives in war is not acceptable, wherever it may be. India and Austria emphasize on dialogue and diplomacy to restore peace. For this, both of us are ready to provide all possible support.’ Along with the Ukraine war, PM Modi condemned terrorism.

He said, ‘We both strongly condemn terrorism. We agree that it is not acceptable in any form. It cannot be justified in any way. We agree to reform the United Nations and other international institutions, so that they can be made contemporary and effective.’

Nehammer also mentioned the Ukraine war
In a joint press conference, Austrian Chancellor Nehammer said, ‘Last night and this morning, we had a very in-depth conversation about the Russian aggressive war against Ukraine. As the Federal Chancellor of Austria, it is particularly important for me to know and understand India’s assessment and to acquaint India with European concerns and troubles. Apart from this, the conflict in the Middle East was a major topic. Apart from this challenging geopolitical situation, we also mentioned the positive aspects of our cooperation.’

Nehammer said, ‘India and Austria have very good relations. It is a relationship of trust that began in the 1950s. India helped Austria and the negotiations with the Austrian State Treaty in 1955 reached a positive conclusion. What unites India and Austria is concern over the development of the geopolitical situation.’


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