Saharanpur : Ashwani Sukhija aka Ashu A builder from Saharanpur joined the online bid and bought a plot on the moon. He builds flats in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Ashu, who built a flat on earth for the people, has now bought a plot on the moon for himself in the Corona era .He has got a registry of the plot on the moon for five lakh rupees.

After purchasing this plot, the builder said that in view of the fast spreading infection on the earth, he took this step and bought the plot for his mother on the moon .The builder said that due to the lockdown imposed last year and the Corona curfew this year, the real estate market is down, he hopes that he can get good money in one year of the plot purchased on the moon.

He said that Luna Society International was an online bid. The online bid was to be priced, they also took part in it. During this, he got an opportunity to bid on the plot of one acre area in the offer. An online transaction of five lakh rupees had to be done for this land. After doing the online transaction, he has now been sent a registry by the society, in which he is shown the ownership of the plot and a map has also been sent to him.


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