Tarek Fatah

Humari Baat believes Islam is a religion of peace and the one who believes in Aman means “Peace” Ibadat means “respect of everyone”, Rehmat means “Forgiveness to the one who does mistakes” and Sachaai means “Die for Truthness”. Original Quran written in Arab “without vowels” does not promotes violence at any cost. It promotes fight only for the right of others. The Prophet Muhammad is the real loves “India” and believed that “Indian Region” generates wind of fragrance. It is true that Islam promotes to not to bow down before anyone except “Allah”. So there arose a question that why “Mullahs” are giving decision in the form of “Fatwa”, while majority do not know that fatwa means opinion.

Tarak Fateh is one of the greatest philosopher, thinker and columnist. Many followers of “Islam”, think he is degrading Islam. Truth is that he never said any negative about any religious context of Islam. He is against the ill practices spread by few Mullas on the name of religion. These practices are taking away the beauty of Islam. These practices are altogether different from the teachings of “Prophet Muhammad”. He is against kings like “Babar”, “Aurangzeb”, “Tamur” who had killed lakhs of innocent people and destroyed educational and religious properties. On the other hands he likes Muslims like “Hazrat Nizamuddin” , “APJ Abdul Kalaam”, “Dara Shiko” etc.

Arif Mohammed Khan

On the other hand we have Honorable Kerala Governor “Arif Mohammad Khan”. He is also one of the strong thinker and great speaker. He is admirer and political member of BJP. He has written many religious and motivational books and given multiple lectures. He has authored “2010Text and Context: Quran and Contemporary Challenges“, in which he has spoken openly on “Islamic Reformation”. Apart from this he openly spoke against triple talaq like practices.


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