In the the last two centuries of scientific development, his timeless philosophy, complete selflessness, complete confinement of West’s colonial rule and limited thinking towards material have given the great personality an invincible aura. Meanwhile, Nitish has declared ‘God is dead,’ and Marx has questioned the existence of God, focusing on the whole process of human development on the economy. Darwin’s evolution has made God’s existence irrelevant, and Friede has associated the human phenomenon with subconsciousness, with a sense of introspection. All the names I mentioned are just talking about the material or mere physical world, Almighty Guru Gobind Singh ji was a knower of the science that can only be accelerated if you know inner engineering of a living body. He was one of the last human being who deliberately knew not only meta physics of the Universe but he was unlimited in intellectualism that helped him in making that knowledge to be used in practical manner. That is why he said ” ‘SavaLakh Se Ek LadaunTabhi Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun”

If we talk about today’s human beings, we are busy in making our own selfish motives. We forgot the true meaning of righteousness. We just getting ourselves stuck into western norms. Culture has been been declining day by day. By the culture we only mean to celebrate and obey norms just on festivals. The bond and inner connection has been lost. We forgot the theology of “Langar”, “Kada Prashaad” that are now replaced with Birthday cakes and dinner on dinning tables. We lost purity, inner satisfaction that are now replaced with showoffs. Milk is now replaced with Drugs. Guruji clearly said hawan, donation or any ritual is useless if you do not know the meaning of discipline and emotion. It is first and basic pathway to know inner engineering of body.

May Guruji enlightens everyone with true knowledge, prosperity and value towards nation, elders, loved ones and parents.


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