Durga means the one who is invincible. The nine epithets of Goddess Parvati during her life span are famously known as NavaDurga. What the forms imply? What message the forms of Goddess Durga gives? It is believed that Adi Parashakti is Supreme Goddess, who does not possess any attribute, who is absolute zero energy of the universe. For creation purpose she manifests herself with attributes in the form of Lalita Tripursundari. Goddess Lalita, the Nuclear Energy converted herself to Mahalakshmi, the Light Energy. From Light comes Mahakali, the Heat Energy and Mahasarswati, the Waves or Sound Energy. It is believed that Mahakali, the primordial heat is the “Life Energy” or “Shakti Swaroop” which merges with Atma (Infinite memory) to help it find new “Suksham” body. So Parvati is refered as incarnation of Mahakali. Goddess Parvati through Bhairavi “Mahavidya”, encpsulated all the forms of energy in usable form that is why she is referred as human form of “Shakti” or Energy. How she acquired such energies let me tell you all this…

ShailputriGoddess born as Daughter
Goddess Parvati born as the daugther of mountain king Himavan. She is a small girl seen carrying a trident and riding a bull. Goddess , as a young girl she aspire to achieve divine knowledge. So when a daughter or even a son took birth, it is important to make her or him ambitious. It gives direction to kids.

Brahmacharini A Daughter should get Education
It is responibility for every parent to give education and all the resources required to take education to kids the way Himavan did. He apppointed Narada as mentor of Goddess Parvati, she learnt all kind of education from Sage Narada. She learnt knowledge of wars. She even learnt about knowledge related to Brahman, csomology, meditation and even about Lord Shiva. She further did swear penance to acquire Brahman knowledge, universal energies and powers of Mahavdyas. She later on worshiped Lord Shiva to get him as a consort. She is shown goddess with Yogic Powers and done great effort to acquire knowledge hence forth she is known as BrahmanCharini.

ChandraghantaGoddess is now ready to become householder
After acquiring the complete education now she wants to start her new journey as householder she gets what she desired i.e. attaining Lord Shiva as husband. She attired as a beautiful bride and holding various skills in hands. She has a rosary which means she has divine knowledge, she holds weapons that reperesents she can wipe off difficulties and also she is riding a tiger. Tiger represents tough situations, Goddess riding upon it reflects that one should be ready to face any kind of situation, the only thing required is self confidence.

Kushmanda Devi Goddess who is ready to generate new environment!
After marrying, a woman prepares herself to create new home i.e. srishti in a region or house provided by her husband. The way Goddess Parvati married to Shiva, she not only made the esatic Shiva the householder but she energized Kailsash with her presence. “Goddess Kushmanda” is called so because she generates new life or srishti through her cells or Kusha. She is epithet of core energy who creates.

Skandmata Goddess who is a mother!
As a new mother, she norshes, protects and teach her everything that she has learnt as a daughter. As all know that Goddess Parvati learnt everything being a Brahmcharini, so she taught the same to her child “Skanda”. Skanda means six types of world. Mother Nature has six types of environment which she expressed in the form of six types of seasons.

Goddess Katyani: When Devi becomes nurturing mother along with warrior protectress!
“There is no one better protectress than a mother”, Goddess Parvati protected her loving son Kartikeya from Mahishasura and Shumbha-Nishumbha. The form is often known as Chandika or Kanak Durga. She is the epithet of Nature who preserves balance.

Kaalratri : The Goddess who helps even during highly dark phase!
When there is no one who can put ourselves out of extreme danger. When no hope remains, and during that particular phase who act as “shumbhamkari”, which means the one who enlightens the victim with new hope. She is seen riding a donkey. The donkey represents a wisdomless person/home/imbalanced environment who is undergoing the highly difficult phase. She is shown of dark black colour and is holding a thunderbolt and moon shaped sword. Her darkness is associated with her non dimensional nature which can produce high magnitude of energy, thunderbolt is associated with energy of lightening and her half moon shaped sword represents the tool by which she cuts the negativity. An ideal woman works day and night to keep her home/srishti clean and pure, doing this she isn’t even bortherd about her looks also.

Mahagauri: The Goddess who is mature though beautiful
A Goddess who has undergone deep hardwork to keep negativity away is now has done saula shingar, have all powers within, the bull she is riding represents balanced form of Nature having all the powers. Am empowered woman with fully groomed personality is epithet of Goddess Mahagauri. She is now mistress of home in which she represents happiness.

Sidhidaatri: The Goddess who is a mentor
After experiencing the most good and bad phases of life, a woman is mature enough to guide her subordinates/next generation so that she can guide them by giving them appropriate resources and updated knowledge so that her sons and daughters can be successful in their personel life. Goddess Siddhidaatri/Parvati of previous evolution (Srishti) gave sidhi/nidhi to the tridev of next evolution (Srishti).


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