Twitter, the microblogging and social networking service has once and for all banned the news aggression service named “Politics For All”. According to Twitter, “suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam”.

Nick Moar started the account and it was growing rapidly within a year. He posted aggressive news which was published by mainstream outlets. He understood the algorithm very well and attracted hundreds of followers including many ministers because he knew what would go viral on Twitter.

The account was many times accused of focusing on viral things whether it is true or not. All the account is a mediator but it gets more likes and followers because it uses emojis and more. All the accounts related to “For All” have been canceled.

According to one of the employees, “The fact Twitter will allow the Taliban on their platform but not a simple news aggregator is quite something. We will be appealing this decision.” And as per The Guardian, “The deletion of a relatively popular news aggregation service by Twitter could attract political scrutiny. Social media platforms will soon be regulated by Ofcom under the forthcoming online harms legislation, with mainstream journalism outlets lobbying hard to ensure their access to audiences is protected.”


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