See how a Bangalore-based brand became an important part of the clothing industry over a couple of years.

Women love traditional wear. The experts at Srangar know this the best. The brand has now worked to create thousands of clothing lines, designs, and patterns. The brand provides some of the finest craftsmanship for the requirements of every woman.

Understanding the demand of the market to provide a quality clothing brand for women, two close friends, Ravi Prakash and Manish Kumar, together started “Srangar- Get your Identity” with a vision- to offer something that is not only different but worth every penny of the buyer and to offer every woman an attractive and alluring identity in a captivating way. At the same time, with the intention to help the artisans, who are always exploited by the middlemen and manipulative traders.

Two friends and now partners, Ravi Prakash and Manish Kumar, who was working in the corporate sector, quit their jobs to start Srangar. Although both were placed in good packages, the desire to set up something of their own motivated them to come up with Srangar. What’s unbelievable is that they came up with the idea of Srangar and acted on the same with a small investment of Rs. 2 lakh, but now the company is touching a turnover of around Rs. 10 crores per annum. Until now, the brand has successfully delivered thousands of products to the customers and is soon to touch the number in lacs.

When asked what made you start Srangar, this was the response of Ravi Prakash, having a mindset to set up something of our own, and in this Digital Era, where possibilities are immense. I decided to take Indian products online and cover the entire world through an online platform. After product research, I finally decided to bring the Indian heritage- “Saree” online, which has its own speciality and elegance and to cater entire world through the help of an online platform. Additionally, what also worked was the situation of the artisans. The pandemic has affected the lives of everyone, but we think that artisans were among the most affected ones. So, for the betterment of the artisans and to ensure that they get the right share which is exploited by the middleman, we decided to move in a way that’s beneficial to the artisans and us. Hence, Srangar.”

He informs us that the clothing industry is filled with scammers and looters. A lot of black marketing is going on in the industry. When a cloth reaches a retailer, a lot of middlemen get involved who gain commission. The result of this is a rise in the price. We, with Srangar, decided to put an end to this quality scam and middleman inclusion. For this reason, we connected directly with weavers so that we can provide the products to our customers at an original price with optimal quality. At the same time, weavers and artisans can also have their rightful share. I think this is the main reason behind our rapid growth.”

The other co-partner, Manish, adds to the statement by saying, “We have some friends abroad who find it quite difficult to get reasonably priced sarees in different countries. You may not know this, but even foreigners love sarees and miss Indian traditional dress on several occasions. So, to fulfil the demand of such customers, we have pledged to provide our products globally. We have served buyers from the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and many more. As we try to support Indian artisans, we have managed to bring the local talent to the global platform. This is something we both (partners) and our team are quite proud of.”

Further, Manish informs us, “We respect and care for our weavers and artisans. As we are touching higher numbers in sales, we are trying to add more and more artisans to our family. Soon, we will be a family of over 5,000 artisans who are dedicated to creating much more than just a clothing product but a masterpiece.”

With Srangar, the partners have been able to bring the culture and transition of various regions to a single platform. The clothing products from the brand include Banarasi Silk Sarees from the holy lands of Banaras, Paithani Saree from the mystical streets of Maharashtra, Kanjivaram Sarees from the Southern region of the country, Patola Sarees from the creators in Gujarat, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, and various other saree styles covering the wide heritage of the Indian Peninsula.

Having talked to the fabulous duo of Manish and Ravi and looking at the level of success achieved in such a brief period, one can safely say that they are different from other clothing manufacturers, providers, and dealers. The vision they depict has proudly managed to serve thousands through the online clothing platform and a name of beauty, Srangar.


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