Aries (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Lee, Lu, Le, Lo, A) Today the situation will be better than in previous days. Will be physically better than before. Today there will also be possibilities of financial gain, but you will not be able to openly promote your mind’s thoughts or business due to shrinking nature, yet today you will be satisfied with the activities of the day. Do not take too much sympathy for financial matters, it will be done easily according to need. Due to being content with nature, you will remain mentally calm, but you will hurry to do any necessary work, even after that, there will be disappointment when work is pending. Women today will be happy in themselves, which will make the domestic work a little busy. In case of accidental work, Dinacharya will have to change.

Taurus (E, OO, A, O, VA, V, WOO, WAY, WOW) will be hopeful today but will be confused by reaching near the target, yet the two-time effort will not fail. The wish for wealth will definitely be fulfilled around the evening. Till mid-day, there will be a lot of hard work on the work area, after this, the fruits of hard work will start in the form of profit, this sequence will continue till the evening. In the evening, the mind will be happy to get a news that is very attractive from anywhere. Today you will plan a long journey, there may be obstacles in this. Colleagues or relatives will make some immoral demands, this will cause dilemma for a while. The latter time will be successful in most of the works, but be cautious, any enemy can make a mess. Do the necessary work earlier today and will be left incomplete in tomorrow’s affair.

Gemini (ka, ki, ku, d, ङ, ch, k, ko, ha) Today you will hear everyone but will make promises without thinking of the people of your mind, later they will ignore them. Business will remain till mid-day, after which there will be an influx of money from the business as per expectation. Your mean behavior will increase differences with someone. Spiritual aspect and a spirit of philanthropy will also prevail. Traveling to the religious area will be an opportunity for charity and charity. Appearance will be more in nature, because of competition in public works, we will cooperate. Mid-day will be more expensive later, we will spend our eyes closed for entertainment. The family will be troubled by some bad habit of yours. There is a possibility of an altercation with the brothers, introduce Dhriya.

Cancer (Hee, Hoo, Hee, Ho, Da, Dee, Doo, Dey, Doe) Even today, Dinacharya will be in conflict but will not lose courage. With the power of, we will convert the loss into profit. A lot of your time will also be spent in dilemma. Failure to keep pace with work area and home will make one afraid of deteriorating any other work to do the work, yet today according to the need, the money will be made from nowhere. Due to the busyness of business, families will be unable to fulfill their wishes. The brothers will need your help or you may have to take some of them, in this too there will be some disturbance. None of your tasks will be completed without running around. Avoid investment is the sum of losses. Health will also be less.

Leo (Ma, Me, Moo, May, Mo, Ta, Te, To, Te) Today you will get opportunities for advancement in social sector along with work business. You will easily get the job done by anyone affected by your speech and behavior. Will be unable to fulfill the promises made to anyone on the work area, even a little heat will be hot, yet they will resolve themselves peacefully. You will avoid sharing your feelings in front of someone, its main purpose will be to save the relationship. The arrogance of the people will be forced to be ignored. Financially, the day will be normal. Spendable income will be made easily. You will also be economical in spending. Whatever work will be sure about it, there will be obstacles present in it. Diseases related to throat or chest will cause problems.

Virgo (toe, pa, p, po, sh, n, th, pe, po) This morning, we will have to run in the morning for a specific task, but the effort done today will not go in vain soon. The right results will be beneficial. Exciting results from the government sector will increase the enthusiasm, but remain with the official category, otherwise the results may be reversed. Today, the situation will be in your grip on the work area, enthusiasm will increase as you get the desired benefits. The spirit of benevolence will also remain, those who are not able to refuse the demand may also cause you financial trouble, but only for some time. Family life will be good, but due to non-fulfillment of the demands of any member on time, you will have to face Narajgi. Health will be normal.

Libra (Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te) Today will be auspicious for you. In the beginning of the day, you will be busy with daily or domestic tasks, after which you will have to work for business reasons. The fruits of hard work will be a little late but will definitely be found. Businessmen will be pleased with the deal being confirmed. People will get jobs in a hurry, because of which small mistakes can be made but they will not be harmful. Today, there will be trouble due to meeting several recommendations in the family and it will be resolved soon by a member. Today, due to other people, the desires of your mind may remain unfulfilled. Will spend extravagantly.

Scorpio (So, na, ni, nu, ne, no, ya, yi, u) Today will be auspicious. The day will be very busy, you will disregard the body in the agonies of work, but you will forget all the troubles due to favorable results. Today is a good day for governmental or other paperwork, after which there will be obstacles. It will be easy to get the support of the elders in the work business too. Ancestral property will benefit due to lack of patience in the family environment may be a little tense, yet the situation will remain under control. Opponents will make every effort to defeat you, but will not be able to succeed. Evening time is more tired, yet the day will be spent more peacefully. Interest in religious work will increase but will not be able to give full time.

Sagittarius (yeh, yo, bha, bhi, bhu, dha, fa, dha, bhe) Today is the day to get victory. Avoid laziness today otherwise the situation will start to get adverse after dusk. Opportunities of profit will continue to be available from mid-evening till evening. You will have to run away from your work as well as the work of an acquaintance. People will put their weight on you because of this it will be difficult to keep pace with Dinacharya. Today the work area will benefit from old goods or old contracts. Start a new work today by thinking thoughtfully. The economic situation will be better today, but no one will have to lend even if they do not want to. Women will be busy in arranging the house today, they will be troubled by the problem of mild fatigue and weakness. Household happiness will be better than other days, brothers will behave lovingly with brothers, but it is painful to not behave more with neighbors today.

Capricorn (Bho, Ja, Ji, Khi, Khoo, Kha, Kho, Ga, Ge) This day will be better for all other work except mental stress, today one will not have to work hard in any task. Today, whichever side you take or whatever decision you take, you will surely get success. Business will also be better than other people. Decisions and investments in business today will bring wealth in the near future. Even today, the money gains will be expected. Government business will get entangled before the middle, then it will be better to do it. Do not start new work today. Job occupants will plan a long journey. There will be expenditure on meeting family needs and entertainment. Mangalik program will be designed at home. There can be minor debate.

Aquarius(goo, gay, go, sa, si, soo, se, soo, da) Today, luck will rarely be found. There will be some shortfall in the plans that will be made, because someone else will remain the same. Intellectual and logical abilities will be increased today, but will not regret obeying other people later. In the first half of the day, there will be trouble in keeping pace with the home and work area, people with jobs will postpone most of the work for later, this will reduce the prestige. Efforts should be made to settle the economic matters in the Middle East itself, after which work will continue but satisfaction will be less. The domestic environment will be fine till the middle, after which there may be any misunderstanding or unrest if the demand is not met. There will be softness in health around the evening, there will be no enthusiasm in any work.

Pieces (di, du, tha, jh, j, de, do, cha, chi) Even today, you will have to struggle for domestic and commercial reasons. The beginning of the day will be restless even today, the mind will deviate from immoral activities and indulge in unethical activities, but after mid-day, the situation will start to become normal. Women will throw tantrums in every job. Some time after the mid-day will be spent in getting the halted money. Today, you will do more arbitrary on the work area, which will inconvenience your colleagues, yet today you will try to improve your behavior. Family situation will also improve from evening. There is a possibility of some differences with the elders of the house, yet today will spend the evening time with family. Stomach discomfort or rest in the legs and feet will remain.


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