In Kedarnath, the glacier broke off from the mountain and started falling towards the temple, the devotees were left breathless!

Rudraprayag: An avalanche occurred with a loud noise in the snowy area four kilometers above Kedarnath on Sunday morning. An official said that this avalanche occurred at 5:06 am in the upper area of Gandhi Sarovar in Chaurabari glacier below the snow-covered Meru-Sumeru mountain range located at the upper end of Kedarnath valley.

Suddenly a mountain of snow started flowing like water just above Gandhi Sarovar. At that time a large number of devotees were going towards Kedarnath temple. Whoever saw this scene could not stop themselves from capturing it in their mobile phone camera. However, it was a scary scene. After the pictures and videos of this incident went viral on social media, the Uttarakhand government also confirmed it and said that there was no loss of life or property in this incident. According to the information, on Sunday morning a large number of people were moving towards Kedar temple chanting slogans of Bholenath. The gopur of the temple was in front, but a very captivating scene was being created on the mountain peaks behind the temple. In such a situation, people were also keeping an eye on the mountain. Meanwhile, a flood of snow started flowing down from the top of the mountain. In such a situation, the people present there started recording that scene with their mobile phone camera. This incident happened in Rudraprayag district.

Rudraprayag District Disaster Management Officer Nandan Singh Rajwar said that there has been no loss of life or property due to the avalanche in the Chaurabari glacier in the morning and the entire area including Kedarnath is safe. Avalanche is a common natural phenomenon in this area. Devotees who went to visit the Kedarnath temple in the morning also saw this incident and many also captured it in their mobile. The video of the incident is becoming quite viral on social media.

In the video, a huge cloud of snow is seen sliding down with great speed due to the avalanche above the Chorabari glacier and Gandhi Sarovar, which got engulfed in a deep ravine. During this, there was curiosity among the pilgrims and other people present in the temple and other areas. Gopal Singh Rauthan, an employee of Garhwal Mandal Development Corporation present in the Dham, told reporters, ‘People were very curious to see this natural phenomenon for about five minutes.’

He told that on June 8 also there was an avalanche in the Chorabari glacier. There were three avalanches here in September and October 2022 as well. At the same time, in May and June 2023, five avalanche incidents were recorded in the Companion Glacier adjoining Chorabari. At that time, scientists from the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing and the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology took stock of the entire situation by conducting terrestrial and aerial surveys of the area. The scientific team had then described these incidents as normal in the Himalayan region, but they had stressed on further improving security in the Kedarnath temple area.


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