Dehradun-. The district magistrate Dr. R. Rajesh Kumar has given a strict message to all departments that all departments should immediately bring about changes in their functioning and policy. In a contingency inspection conducted by him at tehsil Sadar today, he observed the daily service delivery quality, staff presence, penance, cleanliness, sitting arrangement, etc. of various certificates made by Tehsil to ordinary citizens, and warned Tehsildar Sadar that action will be taken immediately if there is a reasonable improvement in the functioning of Tehsil.
“District magistrate resented not having proper attendance in the presence register of Tehsil personnel’
While observing the personnel attendance register, the district magistrate held a parade of all the personnel present in case the attendance of the personnel is not properly registered. Strict instructions were given to the tehsildar to observe the Register of attendance regularly and to send the details of attendance of the personnel to watsapp every day. It was informed by the tehsildar that 08 personnel had gone to the field at which the district magistrate directed the tehsildar to present today details of the field visits of all 8 personnel, where they had gone and what work they did. He further directed that the details of the personnel who go to the field should also be indicated in the presence Register that such personnel have gone from that work in that field today. While checking the backlag of original residence, caste certificate, surviving certificate, income certificate, etc., the district magistrate directed the tehsildar to terminate the pendency quickly and further ensure that pendency should not last more than one week in different types of certificates at any cost. He directed that the name, mobile number and area of the personnel sitting on the various tables should be written, and also the name, scope and phone number of all the personnel should be written on the entrigate so that the public gets clear information that the personnel concerned is related to their area.
The district magistrate directed the MDDA and Huda officials on telephone to fix the lift immediately in respect of the poor lift of the Tehsil complex so that elderly, pregnant women, sick, disabled people etc. do not face any inconvenience. Huda officials assured the district magistrate of fixing the elevator on the telephone, at which the district magistrate directed the tehsildar Sadar to submit a report of elevator reform. In addition, the district magistrate instructed the general public to maintain clean toilets, seating, drinking water and cleanliness in the premises for women and persons with disabilities.


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