Madhya Pradesh, 22 Dec 2023
Industrialist Sudhir Windlass has been arrested by the CBI along with his three associates on charges of fraud and forgery. Windlas is accused of fraudulently selling valuable land in Rajpur to another businessman. Earlier this year, on the recommendation of the government, the CBI had registered four cases against 20 people including Windlass.

In January 2022, a businessman from Dehradun filed two cases against Sudhir Windlass and his family members and employees at Rajpur police station. The allegation was that Windlass had sold the lands by making fake documents. In this, many dead people were also shown alive. In whose place his employees and associates were made available. After this, a case was filed by the former military officer.

Windlas is also accused of grabbing their land, a similar case was filed against industrialist Windlas in 2018. Initially all these cases were investigated by the district police. But the aggrieved party was not satisfied with the investigation of the district police. After this, the aggrieved party had demanded the government to conduct a CBI investigation. After careful consideration, the government recommended transfer of these cases to CBI.

Following the recommendation of the government, four cases were registered against 20 people including Sudhir Windlas in the anti-corruption branch of CBI, Dehradun. During the investigation, CBI also raided his house, premises and institute. Meanwhile, on Thursday evening, industrialists Sudhir Windlass, Ravi Dayal and two others were arrested.


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