Monsoon Troubling Uttarakhand

Monsoon troubling Uttarakhand: The 2023 Monsoon in India is surely a megaflood disaster


Natural Disasters are something that is out of both context and hands. Now this time 2023 Indian Monsoon is banging with such a terrific water overflow through roads. Many things are suffering from this. Here is the complete report on it. Summary Dehradun, India. In Uttarkashi, the Jalandhari river flowingContinue Reading

Farmers go against Modi Govt

Will Farmers cry in 2020 to make BJP cry in 2024?


Will Farmers cry in 2020 to make BJP cry in 2024? The new farmer’s bill has really made across India farmers upset especially to the farmers of Northern India. As per Team Humari Baat and RTV’s report, It is false news that only rich farmers are against the bills. All the farmers (Big, medium, and small scale) are against these two bills. Continue Reading

Temples still closed, but liquorshops have been opened


The Hindu Parv Mahasabha, Chandigarh is an institution of 74 temples. There is a great fury among all the temple organizations that the government has opened the liquor shops, while the temple shrines are still closed. It is very unethical situation. The head of the assembly, Shri BP Arora ji,Continue Reading

People Boycotts Elections

Pithoragarh’s Deodar Village boycotts Gram Panchayat assembly by-elections


Pithoragarh. In the Pithoragarh assembly by-election, villagers on Monday made a complete boycott of polling of Gram Panchayat, Deodar (Deodar) of the assembly area amidst apathy of the voters. The number of registered voters were 461 in booth number 113. Booth was made at Government Primary School, Deodar, Development Block,Continue Reading