GCC Echange

Often owning to the tedious circuit of legal, political and technological implications, Indian expats find it difficult to send across funds to their loved ones. In spite of numerous instant money transfer portals mushrooming all over, the question of credibility and fund transfer security always crops up among the Indian expats.

The issues of credibility and financial security are the one of the primary reasons why Indian expats are looking up to find alternative solutions for fund transfers. Perhaps, this is the reason why exchange market giants like GCC Exchange has its presence in four continents such as Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia besides the flagship entity in the UAE. The extensive secured digital network of such exchange companies, often simplify the fund transfer operations across the globe.
Thus, being an Indian expat, if you need to transfer funds to your family from UAE all you have to do is to visit your nearest GCC Exchange branch location, if you are not able to vsit the branch because of any circumstances you can also avail their Web TT Service which they have launched, whereby you can send money to your loved ones sitting from office/home. Their credible collaborations with major Interantional banks, ensure a smooth execution of entire fund transfer process.
Understanding, the plight of expats, exchange houses often try to get the best exchange rates for their users as they believe in adopting a holistic money exchange approach. For example, being an exchange house, GCC Exchange ensures that its every customer, be it a corporate client or a regular expat gets the appropriate exchange rate for the funds that he/she is transferring. What’s even more surprising is that compared to other exchange houses, GCC Exchange even charges a comparatively lower rate for the services that it offers.

Likewise, considering the scenarios of increasing fraudulent practices, a majority of exchange houses have made it a point to include features like funds tracking and SMS confirmation of funds received to maintain the transparency and accountability with their clients.
Besides, these exchange houses have a strong protocol that revolves around following of socially responsible business practices. Moreover, that’s one of the reasons why these exchange houses have a concrete Anti-Money Laundering policy to avoid unforeseen surprises.


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