Sandeep Bhardwaj said – Congress President had come to see Pradeep Chhabra’s strength, got scared seeing the crowd of workers.

On Tuesday, on the day of the meeting of the Nagar Nigam Sadan, the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party demonstrated against the BJP outside the municipal corporation. Meanwhile, AAP leader Sandeep Bhardwaj says that during this protest of AAP, Congress President Subhash Chawla was secretly watching the demonstration. The Congress President was stunned to see the Aam Aadmi Party’s strong performance hiding behind the gate. Sandeep Bhardwaj said that Subhash Chawla had come to see the strength of former Mayor Pradeep Chhabra and there you were horrified to see the crowd of workers. Let us tell you that before the AAP, the Congress had announced a protest against the BJP outside the municipal corporation, but the protest was postponed due to the ill health of Congress President Subhash Chawla. The Congress believes that preparation was needed for the demonstration.

AAP leader Sandeep Bhardwaj.File Photo

Congress President Subhash Chawla says that he had come to see the meeting of the House. He doesn’t care about the performance of Aam Aadmi Party. He had come from the back gate to see the meeting of the House and he sat for an hour in the conference room and watched the meeting of the House. He said that your performance is failing. You have no leader of your own. You have hope from Congress itself. Let us inform that earlier Pradeep Chhabra was the state president of Chandigarh Congress. But after the instructions of the High Command, he was removed and Subhash Chawla was given the command of the state president. Chhabra was angry ever since he was removed from the post of state president. During this, there was also a verbal war with Chawla.

AAP Party leaders and workers protesting.

Let us inform that as soon as the meeting of the Municipal Corporation started, hundreds of workers including Aam Aadmi Party leader Pradeep Chhabra, AAP state president Prem Garg, election in-charge Chandramukhi had made a ruckus, accusing BJP of corruption. Gradually the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party moved towards the meeting of the House. Which the police used to disperse the crowd using water cannons. Whereas in the upcoming municipal elections in Chandigarh, this time apart from BJP, Congress, Aam Aadmi Party will also field its candidates in the entire city.

There is no smart feature in paid parking, yet the increased charges are being charged. Congress councilor Satish Kainth had created a ruckus raising the issue of paid parking. He had said that at present there are no smart features in paid parking.Despite this, the increased charges are being collected from the people. Congress councilor party leader Devendra Singh Babla said that since 1 year the parking contractors are robbing people. The officers slept until the Advisor took up the matter. This is a well thought out strategy of BJP. Those who are working to rob the townspeople.


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