Meet the Transgender savior Mx Dhananjay

When the whole world was struggling with both epidemics and forced to shut down in homes due to lockdown, in those days true examples of humanity were also created and people openly helped each other.

Problems transgender community faced during lockdown

People distributed ration to everyone and doctors treated everyone. But transgenders are an integral part of society. Where there was a separate arrangement for women and men in the hospital but there were no separate wards for the transgender community, they were kept with men. But some state governments made separate arrangements after mobilizing voices. Even in Chandigarh, transgenders had to face a lot of difficulty during both times. Transgenders and eunuchs both have different lifestyles being considered as one. All eunuchs or Hijra are transgenders but not all transgenders are eunuchs. The eunuch is a tradition in which an enuch joins this tradition to carry on the practice of Guru Chela and maintains the it by giving the blessings of the child or happy marriage to the “yajmaans”, but those who live their lives independently by doing jobs or doing odd jobs which are out of this tradition, we can only call them trans genders. There are many transgenders who, despite being in the Guru Chela tradition, do jobs or business.

Well, the transgender faces problems in both cases!

In Chandigarh, transgenders are being helped by Saksham Trust or Saksham Prakriti Welfare Society from the very beginning. Bank details and Aadhar card details of about 200 transgenders were sent to the government, one by one, so that everyone could get a small amount of money from the government straight away to the bank accounts. However, this amount was very small. The Chandigarh administration also distributed ration to about 20 or 25 trans genders. Despite all this, the distribution of ration only is not sufficient. All transgenders are forced to live away from their families.

Dhananjay Chauhan who is the first transgender student of Punjab University Chandigarh and president of Saksham Trust or Saksham Prakriti Welfare Society has also pioneered the help of trans genders from the beginning and helped to keep in touch with government and semi-governmental organizations.

On this, Dhananjay Chauhan approached Mr. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, President of Kinar Instruction Limited, Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Kinnar Akhara, and Manish Jain, who helped the communities by distributing rations. He accepted my request and started providing adequate ration to all needy people including transgenders in a span of one month from the beginning. This ration distribution program is still going on and will remain until the situation is normal.

Under the CSR, Phool Varsha Foundation, Namoyudan, and Kerner Services Limited sent this dry ration. Chauhan, President of Saksham Trust or Saksham Prakriti Welfare Society, Trans Gender has reached out to all for the help. Sonu Gaba and his family members from Canada are also helping from Canada as per their reach.

For the last two days, Dhananjay Chauhan has been distributing rations to the needy families of every section without any gender differences and in the future, he will continue to work for the needy people of every section of society.


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