Muslim girl married Hindu boy

Malala and Neeraj have also written a letter to the central government, so that their security can be adequately arranged and the matter can be put to an end. But at the moment they don’t see any way.

Humari Baat News Service

Chandigarh. The girl of Afghanistan fell in love with the young man of the city beautiful Chandigarh and their love also grew with time. Both got married two years ago and both were living happily too. But there are some people who do not approve of their marriage and they have become enemies of their lives. Now both of these are getting death threats. Both the husband and wife are upset because they are constantly getting phone calls, in which it is being said that they will kill both of them.

Malala of Afghanistan told that a few years ago she had come to Chandigarh to study. Here she met Neeraj Malik in a restaurant in Sector 22 and the two started talking. After a few days, Neeraj convinced Malala to get married, and about 2 years ago in the year 2020, both of them got married. Since then, Malala’s family members have been opposing the marriage of both.

According to Malala, her uncle is provoking their family, because Malala’s father had arranged her marriage with his younger brother, that is, her uncle’s son, before her birth, but when Malala grew up, she refused this marriage. and got married to Neeraj Malik in India.

Now Malala and Neeraj are getting threatening phone calls not only from Afghanistan but also from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and many Arab countries. Everyone says on the phone that the only punishment for marrying a non-Muslim is death and you will be given the same punishment.

Malala told that the limit was reached when a man from Afghanistan reached his house in Chandigarh looking for him. This person first searched Malala and her husband in Delhi for 1 month, when he could not find any clue of these two in Delhi, he came to Chandigarh and after getting information from the people of Afghan origin living here, he reached Malala’s house.

After this Malala and her husband are living in the shadow of fear. Although, he has also lodged a complaint with the police and he has been given security by the police, but still both are facing the threat of their life. Neeraj Malik told that because of these threats, he is afraid to even step out of the house.

Let us tell you that Malala girl was working in Chandigarh, but after receiving the threat, she has left the job. The business which was his own is also on the verge of ending now. Because she does not come out of the house out of fear. She told that she did not know what to do. Neeraj does not have a father. He has his mother in the house, leaving whom he cannot go anywhere and cannot even wander from door to door with his mother.


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