The bill making the Lieutenant Governor (LG) as the almighty in the national capital, Delhi, may be approved by the Lok Sabha on Monday. The government has decided to introduce the Delhi National Capital Territory Governance Amendment Bill related to it on Monday.

Home Minister Shah will propose to pass
Home Minister Amit Shah will propose to pass the bill. It is to be noted that after this bill becomes law, it will be mandatory for the Cabinet of the Delhi Government to take the consent of the Lieutenant Governor before taking any decision or presenting the bill. This bill proposes to amend the Delhi National Capital Territory Government Act 1991 to give the Lt. Governor the authority to this effect.
Political warfare has started
Since the introduction of this bill last week, there has been a political battle in Delhi’s politics in this matter. The Kejriwal government alleges that through this bill, the central government wants to rule Delhi indirectly through the Lieutenant Governor. While the central government says that the rights of the Lt. Governor have been defined through this bill to end the dispute in future.


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