The farmers, who have been standing on the borders of Delhi since 26 November 2020, have announced to return home on Thursday, the 378th day. The government has accepted almost all the demands of the farmers. The main demand of the farmers was the withdrawal of agricultural laws, which had already been accepted by the government. Now a proposal of the Center has been agreed upon by the SKM and the government. The farmers have announced to return home on December 11.

Farmers protesting at Kheda border in Haryana, Rajasthan, demanding withdrawal of agriculture law, have started uprooting their tents from today. They will express their gratitude to the people who have given their cooperation in the movement by doing a thank you program there on Friday.

Farmers are happy on the return of the Agriculture Act and are calling it their victory. On the other hand, farmers protesting at Gangayacha toll plaza will remain there till December 11. Then on the 11th itself, by organizing a thanksgiving program, we will uproot our tent from there. Tolls will resume once the farmers move out of the toll plaza. Till now the drivers who were enjoying toll free will be allowed to travel again only after paying toll.


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