Dehradun: Health arrangements are not back on track in the base hospital under the largest medical college of the district. Getting better treatment here is proving to be a challenge for the patients. Due to shortage of radiologists, ultrasound examinations have come to a standstill here for the last 15 days. The patients are being treated here, but they have to run to the district hospital, four kilometers away, to get ultrasound done. The attendants are somehow booking vehicles and taking the patients to the district hospital and then reaching the base hospital with the report.

The shortage of radiologists in the base hospital is taking a toll on the patients. Till now there has been no permanent deployment of radiologist here. Somehow the base hospital got radiologists on loan from the health department, but now they too have been called back to the district hospital. In such a situation, ultrasound has been stalled here for the last 15 days. More than 350 patients reach here every day in the hope of better treatment. Of these, more than 40 patients require ultrasound examination. Due to lack of radiologist, it has become necessary to refer them to other hospitals. In these circumstances, patients are reaching the district hospital or other centers four km away from the base hospital, only then they are forced to reach the base hospital with the report after getting the ultrasound done.

OPD is decreasing due to lack of radiologist

Almora. OPD is decreasing due to lack of health facilities in the base hospital under the Medical College. NMC has also cited the reduction in OPD to the college management. After the ultrasound was stopped, an average of 40 to 50 OPDs have decreased here every day, but the college management has no option to get rid of it. This is because interviews can be held for the appointment of radiologists only after following the code of conduct.

Radiologist could not be deployed in the base hospital. To streamline the system, radiologists were deployed by the health department, they have been called back. Efforts are being made to deploy radiologists soon.
Pro. CP Bhainsora, Principal, Medical College, Almora.


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