Udham Singh Nagar: Arun was murdered by a friend who had called him from home.

Rudrapur: The police have uncovered the Arun murder case. They have registered a case against the deceased’s friend and arrested him. According to sources, Arun was murdered by one of his associates due to a dispute. The police have recovered the stolen bike and mobile.

Amit Kumar, a resident of Subhashnagar Dibbida, stated in the police report that his youngest son Arun was at home on the evening of September 24th. Arun’s friend Shakti, a resident of Kiratpur Rudrapur, had called him from home under the pretext of going for a walk. Arun left home for a bike ride with Shakti. When his son did not return home, he sought information from Shakti, but he became evasive.

Shakti’s brother Shiva mentioned that Arun might be in the Bagwala forest along the National Highway. While searching in the forest, they discovered Arun’s body. He stated that Arun had a recent altercation with Shakti. Shakti killed Arun and stole the bike and mobile. The police have registered a case against Shakti for this crime. According to reliable sources, Arun was lured away by a friend as part of a well-planned conspiracy. There were three other friends with them during the outing. When the main accused and Arun were alone, a dispute arose in Bagwala.

Due to an old dispute, the accused struck Arun on the forehead with a baseball stick, causing him to bleed profusely, and then stole the bike and mobile before heading home. The police are investigating the roles of the other friends. SP City Manoj Katyal stated that, based on the complaint filed by the deceased’s father, a case was registered against Shakti, and he was subsequently arrested. The police are investigating all leads.

The accused left Arun severely injured in the forest, and it is believed that he may have succumbed to excessive bleeding from a deep wound. Notably, the force of the blow to Arun’s forehead was so great that it even broke the handle of the baseball stick. According to sources, the accused sold the stolen bike to someone for Rs 5,000, and the mobile was also pawned somewhere. The police are making efforts to recover the stolen items.

The police are close to solving the case and are investigating whether the main accused’s brother is involved in the entire incident. On Monday, family members searched for Arun throughout the day, with the main accused also accompanying them. However, when the search led to the Bagwala forest, the main accused disappeared. It was his brother who suggested the possibility of Arun being in the Bagwala forest. The police are investigating whether he was merely speculating or if he had knowledge of Arun being murdered and left in the forest.


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