The anger of parents erupted against the loot of private schools in Chandigarh. Many parents were more annoyed by the Chandigarh Department of Education’s ignoring of this robbery. On Wednesday, people raised slogans against the Department of Education with their children.

Parents Protested against Private Schools and the Department of Education

Parents, who arrived with their children outside the DEO office in Sector 19, told them that they were arbitrary at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic because of collection of nonrelevant fees, harassment of children for fees, removing them from online groups, etc. There have been many complaints sent to the Education Department. No action has been taken by the department so far. Whenever the representatives of the Parents Unity go to the Education Department or other officials with these complaints of the parents, then they cycled parents from one officer to the other and later to the third officer. Today, Parents were compelled to visit the education department office for direct talks.

Satwinder Singh Daun supported parents protest

Satnam Singh Daun, a philanthropist who reached the protest, said that he has been fighting a battle against the arbitrariness of private schools for the past several years, but he has never seen the amount of loot that the schools have done in this lockdown. There was no concession in fees by schools during the lockdown. Now the schools have also taken approval from the Chandigarh administration to increase the school fees by 8 to 16 percent for the next session. No private school has shown its balance sheet till date. This proves that there was no loss in lockdown.

Ashita of Soupins School who reached the dharna said that her children are being repeatedly removed from the online class by the school. Munish of Shishu Niketan Sector 43 said that his school is pressing for fees by calling the school in the name of PTM. Manish Soni of Parents Unity for Justice and Hirdepal Singh of Mohali Parents Association were also present in the dharna.


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