Rattan Lal Kataria on Republic day farmers protest

Ambala: Union Minister of State for Social Justice, Empowerment and Water Power, Rattan Lal Kataria, wished all the countrymen and the people of Haryana on the 72nd Republic Day of the country through a press release and said that it is a matter of great pleasure not only in India but all over the world including because India is a democratic nation.

Rattan Lal Kataria on Republic day farmers protest

In a response to The Republic Day’s violent protest, The Minister of State said that we strongly condemn the manner in which the few protestors have done wrong with democracy and dignity of the country in the name of the farmer’s tractor parade on the 72nd Republic Day of India. He said that the miscreants did not parade on the route given by the police and moreover, they vandalized the police and government vehicles. The police administration acted with great restraint and tried to convince these miscreants. The BJP government was with the farmers earlier, it is still today and will continue to be with the farmers even further.

He further demanded strict legal action against those who commit such a nuisance. He appealed to all citizens not to fall prey to the mischief of these so-called paper orgy leaders and that the people should maintain peacefully and amicably and maintain their contribution in the service of the country.


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