Hyderabad. Kesineni Sivanath is a well reputed business tycoon and a busy real estate developer located in Hyderabad. Kesineni Sivanath is none other than the brother of the present MP from Telugu Desam Party. He has occupied an iconic place in the real estate industry due to his admirable accomplishments and role in launching of multiple noteworthy and landmark residential projects in both Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States.

Due to his phenomenal methods, and remarkable skills, his company “Kesineni Developers” grew significantly and is now among the top tiers of the real estate industry, also gained a lot of public acknowledgment for his swift work and progress in the residential projects done under the name of his company.

“Chinni” he is popularly known as, is admired for his prompt &quick decision making as well as his holistic thinking.

Rumours spread like wildfire that TDP’s next MP candidate for Vijayawada parliamentary constituency might be Kesineni Chinni. Now, Chinni became more active into BEZAWADA politics, although he is an old face in TDP politics, Kesineni Sivanath. Now, became a front face of TDP in NTR district, people are calling him as their LEADER in present scenario, because of his sincere work and dedication towards well-being of his peoplepreviously, Kesineni Sivanath (Chinni) supported his brother Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) in his political affairs in 2014 elections and after 2019 elections Chinni just gave a pause for politics for some time.

In recent times he seems concentrated mainly in Krishna politics, as there is lack of good leadership in that segment, Chinni is going to fulfil that position, by making good coordination with the local leaders and showing them a way towards the winning of elections in 2024.

In past few days Chinni, conducted many political programmes to gather all the TDP folks who became very inactive in recent times, Chinni is trying to boost up the inspiration in them to work together and win in upcoming elections. He seems to be succeeded in piling up the confidence in his followers and fellow leaders.

From past two years there is distance growing in between the TDP leaders of Krishna separated by forming groups, and sometimes there has also been a verbal war in between them. He is clearing up all themiscommunications between the local leaders, he succeeded in bringing co-ordination between them and brought them under one roof. He actively participated in the TELUGU DESAM PARTY “MAHANADU” he contributed his part and made MAHANADU event successful. Many leaders have joined forces with Chinni and following his lead.

Realtor Chinni is now fighting for issues related to Famers of Andhra Pradesh, regarding installation of electrical meters to agricultural motor pumps, and hike of electric bills imposed by YS Jagan government.

Chinni’s brother present M.P of Vijayawada, Kesineni NANI is known for his controversial comments and bold statements on TDP Leaders and also even on High command. Elders of TDP are planning hard not to lose Vijayawada segment in 2024 elections, Sources say that, Situation seems to be like High command lost confidence in Kesineni NANI, Desam party high command, NARA CHANRA BABU NAIDU and NARA LOKESH are planning to prepare Chinni as an alternative candidate who will replace NANI, if he refuses to contest in 2024 election. People of Desam party are whispering that CBN and Lokesh both met Chinni months earlier and made a commitment over the ticket at his residence in Hyderabad.

Nani has a political experience for over a decade, but Chinni seems to be a starter for Active POLITICS, we should wait and see how will the Tables turn out for these brothers, and can a successful realtor and business man like Chinni succeed in Active Politics!!!!!!

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