BJP State Secretary Sanjeev Khanna demands strict action on the increasing drug problem in Punjab

Zirakpur: Punjab, known for its contribution to the freedom struggle and agricultural production, is now facing a new challenge – the drug menace.
According to recent reports, a large section of the young generation in Punjab has become victims of chitta, heroin, smack and other drugs. This worrying situation has drawn the attention of BJP state secretary Sanjeev Khanna, who has expressed deep concern over the issue.

Sanjeev Khanna highlighted the need for immediate and strict action against the growing drug problem in Punjab. He said, “It is disappointing to see the youth of our state, who are the future of our country, consuming drugs. We cannot allow this to continue any longer. The government must take decisive steps to eliminate this menace from our society.” Should be picked up.”
Raising questions on the Aam Aadmi Party, he said that the Chief Minister of Punjab claimed to end the drug problem and said that drugs would be stopped within 3 weeks.

Sanjeev Khanna also asked the government to increase efforts to create awareness about the harmful effects of drug addiction and provide better rehabilitation facilities for people suffering from drug addiction. He stressed the importance of collective effort by all stakeholders including the government, law enforcement agencies and the community to effectively deal with this issue.
Sanjeev Khanna also called upon the people of Punjab to come together in the fight against drugs. He said, “We all must come together to support and guide our youth to a drug-free life. It is our responsibility to protect the future of our state and our nation.”
Sanjeev Khanna said that the growing drug problem in Punjab is a matter of great concern and now is the time for the government and the people to work together to tackle this issue and ensure a bright and drug-free future for Punjab.


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