The Hindu Parv Mahasabha, Chandigarh is an institution of 74 temples. There is a great fury among all the temple organizations that the government has opened the liquor shops, while the temple shrines are still closed. It is very unethical situation.

Temples closed in locdown 3.0

The head of the assembly, Shri BP Arora ji, has demanded from the government that our temples which is the place of God where people comes to worship and whose blessings relieve all sorrows, should open as soon as possible. We request the government to open all the temples. In the pandemic of Corona, we duly will keep all the important things to follow, people will surely follow social distancing, and all the other conditions that government has imposed, but the temples should open. The head of the assembly Mr. BP Arora ji, Kamlesh Chandra Suri General Secretary, Ajay Kaushik Press Secretary, Anuj Kumar Sehgal Commander have requested to open the entrances to the temples so that people can keep their feelings in front of God in this temple.


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