Two infamous prisoners in the Chitrakoot jail were killed on May 14 . The two jail administration and police failed to prevent the happen are are now under review. There have been meetings among Chief Secretary Home and DG Jail continuing for hours on Friday . On e important point that came out to be focused was the extreme shortage of manforce security .

As of Friday, the total number of prisoners went upto 106724 in jail across the state . Apparently , the number of deputy jailers and detained guards handling security inside the jail is only 5078. DG Jail Anand Kumar says that the low number of prison security has been going on for a very long time now . The recruitment process of 3236 jail warders has been going on since last year, which is not being completed due to Corona. Efforts are being made to keep the situation better in the number of forces.

The lack of security forces in jail with old war – torn weapons has lead to many mafia problems . Due to the same the government of mafias runs inside of the jails . Atiq Ahmed , the mafia of Allahabad also the assassin of MLA Raju Pal , ruled many jails


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