Bhupinder Singh Gujral

Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We had the pleasure and privilege to have a one-on-one with the MD of Golden Parkk, Mr Bhupinder Singh Gujral.

How does it feel to be in the nightlife business for more than three decades?

Being a pioneer in the nightlife business, when we started off with London Pub back in 2001. That time the scenario was quite different than today. The crowd is much younger, and their needs have changed over time. To sustain in the nightlife business is a Hustle every day. One may imagine the effort it takes to organise successful events, whereas, in the nightlife business, we have to run the process every night. That being said, Nightlife, I must say, is a very fun business, and it’s not for introverts. You need to love music, socialising, entertaining and most importantly, you must be a good Host to the patrons because you want the patrons to come back every other night whenever they want to have a good nightclubbing scene.

What makes Wafira and Makati stand out in a market like this?

This time the markets as we know there is a post covid rush and a lot of new faces we see every night. Which is a very good thing for the industry? Overall, since it signals that the pie is getting larger and can accommodate more players. In recent times there have been a few names that have opened, and on the flip side, a few names that shut down as well.

Wafira and Makati are two different animals ( pardon my language ). Wafira is the King of Nightclubs in Kolkata, just like. You need to see it to believe it on any given night. Wafira has something that is unique to it. The Staff at Wafira go all out to ensure you have a great night out. It is like they are trained to be there when you need them instinctively. We accommodate even the craziest of guest demands. This one time, we were a group of friends celebrating their birthday, and he wanted a Champagne Shower on His Rolex( which was his birthday gift). I think that must be the first time I have ever had someone do that. It took approximately six bottles of Moet to do that gig.

Makati, on the other hand, is where you can expect a bit more plush ambience owing to the way it is made. It boasts of the Longest bar in Kolkata and probably the second longest in India, standing at 150 feet long. The behind having the longest bar in town was very simple. You should not wait too much before you get your drink. Imagine crowding behind a small bar in a smaller nightclub and waiting to get your drink while your friends are dancing away. Is it such a turn off right? Well, we just tried to solve that by giving you the longest bar in town, and you know you won’t have to wait much to get that drink of yours. Another unique thing about Makati is that we introduced the first Live Sushi Bar in Kolkata. We all know The Kolkata party circle is well travelled and knows the world cuisines. We are really happy and glad to have been received positively by Kolkata.

What are your biggest challenges faced running Wafira and Makaati?

The challenges we face while running these two Clubs are few. I would be wrong if I said we don’t face challenges while running these iconic places. But there is no challenge that our team cant overcome. This is the confidence I would usually like to instil in the team, and often I find the staff lack confidence for various reasons. So my job at the helm of things is to instil confidence in them to be the best host they can be.

What kind of events can we expect at Wafira and Makaati?

We Have Big names lined up for Both the Outlets. Iconic Djs from National Level right down to upcoming Names from Kolkata are Raring to perform at Wafira and Makati. We usually keep a healthy mix of nights with Bollywood and English commercials and let us not forget the upcoming Techno Genre that’s been growing at a fast pace in Kolkata.\

Would you like to open more outlets in the near future?

Usually, we want to keep it a secret, but I can confirm the best is yet to come. Sooner than you know !

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