It is fourth time that the swacchta survey is being conducted by government of India. By the time many cities has been improved in terms of cleanliness index. Before the survey, Chandigarh was dominating from so long but then the two cities started giving tough competition to the city beautiful. Which will come onto the top ofSwacchta Survey 2018.

The cities are Mysore and Indore. Lets talk about the cities in brief.

Overview of three top contenders for the Swacchta Survey 2018

Mysore – The princely city is known for the long history. The ancient capital of demon king Mahishasur that lately turned to be city of Nawabs in medieval era is now cleanest heritage of India. The city always has been known for its archaeology too. Since, tourism is one of the important aspects of the city so the administration has taken the survey and campaign very seriously. The result is that city is always on top five spots of the survey.

Indore – A small city where culture, religion, industry, food, nature and development coincide with each other. Before the survey the city was normal and It never bothered its development irrespective Maratha impact on every individual. But right after the survey the city started dominating and became cleanest city of India in 2017.

Chandigarh – There was no single city in India who could challenge Chandigah’s cleanliness and greenery before 2010. The Most perfect city of world (By survey conducted by BBC in 2015), Chandigarh is first planned city of India. The dream city of Jwaharlal Nehru is best known for its urban planning. First smoke free city, first solar city and with many other first accolades Chandigarh is now facing big time competition from both Mysore and Indore.

Vote for the cleanest city of India that will be rank on the top in 2018 survey.

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