Ever since the military Coup in Myanmar on February 1, there have been continuous report of huge number of civilians feeling into Indian borders. Relating to which an order has been issued in Manipur, recently on march 26, 2021. BJP leader Biren Singh has banned the entry of people from Myanmar. A letter has also sent to the commissioner of five districts of manipur regarding to the same.
Civilians from Myanmar are only allowed to enter on humanitarian and medical emergency basis.

Manipur government fears that civilians may entre the country as refugees. The letter issued by home secretary H Gyan Prakash ordered districts not to allow them to enter districts are instructed not to construct relief camps, no provision of food and drinks should be arranged.

This order issued in march has been widely criticized and is being called inhuman and against the tradition of giving asylum in India. The reports states that around 1000 civilians have entered India since February out of which 100 were sent back but are still hiding somewhere in Manipur.


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