A 40-year-old man allegedly stabbed his wife to death in Rohini’s Vijay Vihar in broad daylight on Saturday. The accused has been arrested, the police said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Rohini) Pranav Tayal said that the accused has been identified as Harish Mehta, who works at a marriage bureau, and the victim has been identified as Neelu, who used to work at Safdarjung Hospital.

Video of the incident which was captured by a person on the street showed the accused stabbing the wife multiple times as she lay in a pool of blood. The video also shows people casually passing by as the man stabbed his wife.

The police said that a PCR call was received regarding stabbing of a woman on the street. When the police reached the spot, they saw a man holding the wife and running away. Locals had also gathered by then. The police chased and apprehended him. The woman was taken to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital where she was declared brought dead, the police said.

It was revealed that Harish had married Neelu recently, and it was her second marriage.

Harish wasn’t happy that Neelu was working at the hospital and asked her to quit her job and manage the household instead.

However, she decided against it and continued to work. Harish’s suspicion about Neelu having an extramarital affair grew stronger when she left him to stay at his parents house in Budh Vihar. He then decided to kill her “to end his pain”, the police said. Around 2 p.m., when Neelu was coming home from work, he came and started stabbing her till she died.


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