The proportion of Corona cases are increasing day by day all over the country. Additionally, people are worrying about the deficiency of oxygen and ICU beds. The count of deaths due to Corona virus are inclining every day.

The BJP government claims that adequate amount of medical facilities are there. Moreover, In recent times BJP government tweeted from it’s official Twitter handle , quoting Dr. Naresh Trehan ( Chairman of Medanta Hospital) wrote the rumour that all the infected need oxygen cylinders whereas the truth is that enough amount of oxygen is there. Oxygen must be used properly and whenever it’s required it should not be wasted as wasting of oxygen means depriving a needy patient of it.

Kangana Ranaut replied on the tweet and she said the traitorous powers who spend their time and use their resources to break the country and morale today, avoid them. Kangana is often targeted by trollers because of her tweets and the same happened after this tweet.


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