Hema Malini Tribute to Dev Anand

Jaipur, India – September 26, 2023: Bollywood luminary Hema Malini led a glittering tribute to mark the centenary of the legendary actor Dev Anand at Jaipur’s Raj Mandir Theatre. The event, organized by The Evergreen Dev Anand Society, drew fans from across India to commemorate the enduring legacy of the iconic star.

Hema Malini’s Touching Tribute: Amidst the star-studded celebration, Hema Malini delivered a heartfelt homage to Dev Anand, calling him an eternal inspiration. She remarked, “Dev Saab holds an irreplaceable position in our hearts. His cinematic contributions are unmatched, and his fans’ unwavering devotion is a testament to his everlasting impact.”

Timeless Fashion and Melodies: Dev Anand’s signature style came to life as attendees dressed in his iconic fashion. The evening also featured captivating renditions of his classic songs, with the audience swaying to the tunes that have left an indelible mark on Indian music.

Raj Mandir’s Opulent Setting: The Raj Mandir Theatre, known for its opulence, set the stage for this grand affair. Fans of all ages and backgrounds united to celebrate Dev Anand’s enduring influence on Indian cinema.

The centenary celebration, headlined by Hema Malini, underscored Dev Anand’s indomitable spirit and his lasting impact on Bollywood. As the event concluded, it was evident that Dev Saab’s legacy remains eternally etched in the hearts of his admirers and in the annals of Indian cinema history.


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