Mahesh Bhatt Infamous

In Hindi cinema there are numerous stars whose success as well as controversies seems to be tied to each other. Famous director and producer Mahesh Bhatt is also a part of some controversies. Due to his some controversial statements, number of times he suffered notoriety due to some allegations made by other celebs.
Some of the disputed Stories of mahesh Bhatt are:-

Affair with Parveen Babi

Mahesh Bhatt had affair with beautiful heroine named Parveen Babi and he was in controversy regarding his affair. On the other hand , at the same time he was married to kiran and had two children. Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen used to live together and after some time he left Parveen . Moreover, as the time passes Parveen passed away from this world and Mahesh Bhatt was accused that he was aware of parveen’s condition but still left her alone and she suffered alot. Many questions are raised on Mahesh Bhatt .

Kangana accused of misconduct

Mahesh Bhatt was accused by Rangoli Chandel for misbehaving witth Kangana. Rangoli Chandel claimed that ‘Once Mahesh Bhatt harmed Kangana by throwing slippers and he also stopped her from watching her own film and she kept on crying the whole night’ . This tweet by Rangoli was quite viral during those days.

Sushant Singh passed away

On the death of Sushant Singh Rajput Mahesh Bhatt made a rhetoric and come into controversial situation. As everyone was surprised on the death of Sushant but on the other hand , Mahesh Bhatt said that he was aware that this would happen to Sushant. He was following the path of Parveen Babi. As he was criticized for his statement.


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