Jhanak Serial Review

Mumbai: Airing currently on Star Plus, Jhanak is a daily soap that revolves around a girl who loves dancing. This one-of-a-kind TV serial is a unique and refreshing story. Written by Leena Gangopadhyay, Jhanak is directed by Saibal Banerjee, Leena Gangopadhyay, and Sujit Pyne. Kaushal Ahuja as Aniruddha and Hiba Nawab as Jhanak are playing the lead.

Plot of Jhanak Serial

Story begins with a Kashmiri Village girl who is fond of dancing. She lives with her mother who used to be a dancer. Her father is famous dance teacher who abondoned her mother during childhood, though her mother never married his father. Anirudha bose unknowingly get to knows about the unmatched talent of Jhanak’s dancing skills. He provoked her to Dance Competion in which she stood second due to forceful reference of Shrishti who is mother of Anirudh’s girl friend “Arshi”. Shrishti is also meternal aunt of Jhanak and a celebrity Kathak dancer. Dance Guru of Arshi is actually father of Jhanak, that Jhanak doesn’t know, She has an ambition of one day she will face her father.

Tejas who is goon leader goes lustful for Jhanak he killed his wife to marry Jhanak. He made a plan to marry Jhanak. Jhanak’s mother died and he kidnaaped Jhanak. Ani intervened and saved Jhanak as she escaped from marriage with Ani. Villagers forced Ani to marry Jhanak else Tejas would have killed them. Ani brought Jhanak to Kolkata and his family members accepted her as maid. They didn’t knew about their marriage. Will Ani able to raise Jhanak as Star? Watch Jhanak on Hotstar.

Talking about the writing, Leena did a fine work in drafting a unique story and making audience love the chemistry of Jhanak and Aniruddha. Screen play is wonderful and evidently like realistic and relatable to many of small town girls. The director cleverly portrayed the amalgmation of Kolkata and Kashmiri culture. The unsighted love between Ani and Jhanak is making trend #Runak on X(formely Twitter) social media platform.

Performances in Jhanak Serial

Kaushal Ahuja as Anirddha in Jhanak

Talking about the perfomances and characters, Jhanak has many powerhouse performers. Jhanak akak Hiba Nawab has powerful fiery eyes, powerful aura, beauty personified with expressive dialogue delivery. Her perfomance has made the character alive. Aniruddha Bose or Kaushal Ahuja has an innocent face. Being a lover guy, Aniruddha is all the way an excellent human being. Viewers feel so good when he voice for righteousness. Another lovable character from the serial is Chhoton, who is cupid between Jhanak and Ani. He is the reason why Ani is gentleman, even being son of evil mother and father. Another powerhouse performer of the show is Appu Di aka Ankita Chakraborty. Her immense talent is one rare performance as special child.

Jhanak is another HIT show of the Star plus and these days is performing high with distintive rating point. Jhanak’s only weakness is long lasting storyline which is actually prevalent in every TV show.

Overall Jhanak is the fine tuned saga of Dancing girl which is relatable and teaches to surpass the evil forces that hurdates your life goals .


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