Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra’s the businessmen arrested in a case of producing and streaming pornographic films via mobile applications on July,19.

However, Popular Singer Sona Mohapatra presented her views on the arrest case of businesses whose bail plea has been rejected. As, the singer never feared raising her voice about all subjects.

However, In an exclusive interview with Times Now Digital, the singer reacted to the news of Raj Kundra’s arrest. As, She said that women cannot be exploited and strict measures need to be taken.

As, she added; “We cannot let children and women be exploited in this racket. The strictest of measures have to be there. We have to let go of the hypocrisy. When it comes down to shaming women, it is toxicity. Human trafficking when it comes to women and children is a billion-dollar industry. It is the worst underbelly of our society, it exists”

She further said, “Exploiting children and women in a particular racket is a thing to bring up and stricter action. We cannot continue with this. If it is proven, happening under name of exploitation.. be it gang rape videos or the worst of things, are out there in the form of porn. That is one side of it and has to be dealt with strong hands. Safety measures need to be in place. An industry that is exploitative needs to be shut down. People do not end up attacking women”.

However, Sona shared a video on her twitter handle of herself and commented on the issue. She had further said in the interview, “This whole thing happening around the porn racket is deeply disturbing as it is connected to exploitation, trafficking. I wanted to subliminally react with my music. I had worn a shirt and very little. When it is to do with free will, you have to understand consent and selling ourselves without having the power to shame us”.

However, She concluded by saying; “Nobody has business shaming us for our body. I am not a starving gym going. I feel desirable. When I am singing Bedardi Raja with a saree, flower in my head, base guitar I am desirable to myself. In the past it was given that if you are in the entertainment industry you have to have a certain waist. There are many incredible women who are owing their individuality.”


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