Sushant Singh Rajput

Humari Baat’s major aim is to show what the public wants and this time nation wants Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. Today CBI and AIIMS rejected Dr. Gupta’s leak. Actually, a few days before It was believed that Dr. Gupta reports on Sushant Singh viscera analysis has been leaked. It became viral on social media. People who were in support of the suicide story of “Sushant’s mysterious death” were pointing at those who believed that Sushant Singh’s death is a mystery and is a direct or indirect murder.

Sushant Singh Rajput

But Today AIIMS and CBI have rubbished these leaked reports. Now more questions are now in the mind of Sushant Singh fans. SSR fans have initiated the campaigns #Revolution4SSR and #CBIRejectsGuptaLeak. Though these campaigns fans are asking many questions. Most fans are angry that which big name is the one that wants to end this case without any result. Since it is very difficult for a common person to plan a leaked game on confidential medical reports of AIIMS by using the name of a highly senior doctor. The second question that is striking hard that why CBI is delaying so much in taking the reports from AIIMS.

People are feeling that the case is getting complicated and few are even pointing CBI and BJP that they are not dealing properly. People feel that Imbibing drugs story without results is making the case tangled.


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