In 2014 Elections we have witnessed a wave that BJP has blown through NAMO. Result was both historic and record breaking. But after four years, people are not in mood to accept any other politician. In our survey we have found that there is 30% downfall of the people who were liking Narendra Modi in 2014 to now. They are terribly shattered because Narendera Modi has not delivered what he was saying before 2014. It is true that Modi is still most favored politician but BJP needs to accept the truth also that BJP’s immense popularity has taken a U turn.

Why only BJP and NAMO, People of Delhi are highly depressed with Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal and Modi were two names that were on peak in 2013-14. The three four years has totally changed people’s perception on politics.

What is the common statements of the people these days on Modi, Politicians and Politics?

  • I do not trust any politician now.
  • Modiji has made many promises but these were just voting agenda nothing else.
  • I really thought in 2014, women crime rate will decrease after Modi government but It is completely different philosophy now.
  • At current scenario we do not have any option apart from Modi.
  • Kejriwalji should stop politics of allegations immediately if he really wanted to work for the nation.
  • All politicians are alike. They all need power and votes nothing else.
  • It seems that only Military or President rule can save our nation.
  • In the four years we have witnessed many communal riots no matter it was due to opposition or ruling party or saint devotees.

2014 was a time when really started taking interest in politics but now it is just a medium getting popularity without any interest of serving nation. But if situation remains similar than how can we make our great India a better great livable place.


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