‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ has been trending on Twitter and the fans praise and appreciate the story and excellent performances of the actors’

Wagle Ki Duniya was the popular and well known famous show of the eighties. It was a family show and aired from 1988 to 1990 on Doordarshan.

However, The show returned once again to the TV screen and has been ruling hearts of the audience. The series is based on characters created by renowned cartoonist RK Laxman.

The show got a new twist as Wagle Ki Duniya: Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kissey. Moreover, The series features; Sumeet Raghavan, Pariva Pranati, Chinmayee Salvi, Aanjjan Srivastav, Bharati Achrekar and others.

Apart from this the show teachs various lessons related to our life to the audience and make them laugh and entertain the public.

Additionally, the users of twitter are talking about the show through their twitter handle:

As per the sources, one of the twitter user wrote on his twitter handle; “The knowledge you impart about our culture, our festivals and our religion to the present generation is commendable.” Another tweeted, “This is the Era of OTT Platforms..We almost watch a complete season in a day.. Thrill/Comedy/Drama,every genre is present on the platform.. But there is something in the shows like #TMKOC & Wagle Ki Duniya that succeed in making people turn on their TV..!!.”

• The another user wrote; Kudos to @sumrag and #WagleKiDuniya team. Mostly they tries to have one episode story won’t make you bore and worth to watch. TMKOC seems boring nowadays though cause unwanted story stretchings.

•Currently #WagleKiDuniya is the best television show running in India.
Today’s episode was best till date. @sumrag .


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