Coronavirus or Covid 19 new symptoms

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has made practices like social or physical distancing and regular handwashing an integral part of daily life. However, these measures can be exceptionally difficult to put into practice in densely populated, informal urban settlements, where overcrowding makes the “two-metre separation rule” almost impossible to uphold – and where many lack access to basic services like water and sanitization. O.P. Sihaga , Bheem Bhardwaj , Balwan Bhardwaj , Ajay Mishra , Krishan Bhardwaj and Ajay Babar working on this project . They all are distributing sanitizer with in the slums located near Manav Colony . Also, they are motivating people living in slum areas who are the worst effected by the crisis of Corona Virus due to lockdown, to follow the rules of social distancing, since this is a very difficult task for these people as they have less space to live according to their population . In this pandemic, everybody needs to understand that we can help people living in slum areas by providing them food and motivate them to be aware from coronavirus which will prevent the spread of deadly Virus. It is necessary to investigate what commonalities and differences in the health status of slum dwellers exist. This refers both to the differences within a city between groups living in formal and informal settlements. As the government puts in measures to deal with this pandemic, we hope that the above suggestions are also kept in mind.


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