New Delhi, India : New corona virus cases added upto 39K over last 24 hours. While 500+ deaths due to covid-19 observed. According to health ministry, 4.20 lakh fatalities are totally apart from which country stands overall case load till now is 3.13 crore.

Here are some more updates related to Covid-19

  1. Over 18K cases contributed by Kerela on the other hand 46 cases reported in Southern state of mosquito borne infection or zika virus
  2. Country administration have Vaccination done over 43 crore so far where as approximately 46 lakh vaccine administered till 7 PM on Saturday.
  3. Active cases 1.31 percent of total cases where as 765 decreased in last 24 hours to take the tally to 4.08 lakhs.
  4. If the pace of vaccination get’s increase and all the guild lines, or appropriate behaviour will be followed then the 3rd wave can be delayed and less severe than 1st and 2nd.
  5. Approximately 2/3rd of all Indian’s over 67.6% population have antibodies against Covid-19, apart from this nearly 40 crore people in country are still vulnerable.


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