Deepansh, Haryana, India

Haryana Government has procured 20 lakh doses of Gotpox medicine for the prevention of lumpy disease spreading in animals. Three lakh drug immunizations have been done and 12.50 lakh doses have been sent to the districts. On Thursday, 4.50 lakh doses and Haryana has been received. After getting the medicine, now the government has set a new target to vaccinate all 19 lakh healthy cows by August 29.

For the last four days, the vaccination campaign could not be carried out in the districts due to running out of medicines. Due to this, more than 50 thousand animals have been infected with this disease. Weeks ago, Chief Minister Manohar Lal had handed over the entire command to Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal regarding the lumpy disease. Only after this, 2.5 lakh pushes were vaccinated in two days.

From Monday, the stock of medicine in the state had run out. Now after getting the medicine, the campaign will be intensified again. In this regard, Dr. Shrikishan Bagoria, Managing Director, Haryana Livestock Development Board informed that a total of 20 lakh doses have been purchased so far. On Thursday, 4.50 lakh more doses have been received, they are being sent to the districts. There is no shortage of medicine.

29,104 animals have recovered:

At present, 52,544 animals have been affected by this disease till 3497 villages of the state. Of these, 29,104 animals have become healthy. So far 633 animals have died. He informed that out of 286 gaushalas in the state, 7938 cows are suffering from this disease. Of these, 126 cows have died. The mortality rate is 1.2 percent.


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