NEET Paper Leak: CBI arrested the principal and vice principal of Oasis School in Hazaribagh

Jharkhand: The CBI, which is investigating the NEET paper leak case, has taken major action. The CBI has arrested Ehsan Ul Haq, Principal of Oasis School in Hazaribagh and Vice Principal Imtiaz Alam. It is being told that Ehsan Ul Haq was the city coordinator of NTA and Imtiaz was the coordinator of the centre of this school along with the vice principal. The CBI team has left for Bihar with both of them.

A day before, the CBI had questioned Ehsan Ul Haq. After this, the team also reached SBI Bank where the NEET paper was kept in the locker. The team also questioned the employees of the courier company through which the NEET paper was delivered to the bank. The investigation also revealed that the paper was delivered to the bank from the courier office through an e-rickshaw.

The courier office was located just two kilometers away from the bank, yet it took two hours for the e-rickshaw to reach there. After this, the CBI team also questioned the e-rickshaw driver who had delivered the sealed box of papers to the bank. After the interrogation was completed, the CBI has now arrested the principal and vice principal of Oasis School.

2 people arrested from Patna
The two people arrested by the CBI from Patna are Manish and Ashutosh. Both are accused of providing NEET exam papers to candidates in a play school in Patna and making them memorize the answers. Learn Play School is considered to be the safe house of this gang. Ashutosh is a tenant on the upper floor of this school and is the operator of the school. Manish, along with Chintu, brought the candidates here.


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