Confession of the student accused of NEET paper leak

Patna: A big revelation has happened in the NEET paper leak case. Accused Anurag Yadav’s confession has come to light. In his statement recorded before the police, he has said that the question paper which was leaked was the same one that came in the exam and 100 percent the same questions were asked in the exam. I got this question paper a day before. Anurag said that his uncle had arranged the arrangement and called him from Kota to Patna. He was made to memorize the answer of every question at night. The police arrested me after the exam.

In fact, when the result of NEET exam came on June 4, for the first time 67 students became toppers and they got 720 out of 720 marks. After seeing the list of toppers, the issue of rigging in NEET exam was raised. On June 13, NTA decided that the exam of students with grace marks will be conducted again, but the anger of the students has not subsided yet. The news of paper leak from Bihar and Gujarat has raised many questions on the credibility and transparency of NTA, that is why the students are demanding a CBI inquiry in the matter. Many arrests have been made from Patna and Panchmahal in the rigging case. 13 people have been arrested in Patna, including 4 students. Police investigation revealed that the paper was leaked and the gang had charged lakhs of rupees to get the children passed. In Panchmahal too, lakhs of rupees were charged from the students and the gang submitted the answer sheet by filling the correct answers.

In this case, the police investigation reached Patna’s junior engineer Sikandar Prasad Yadavendu. When he was questioned, many shocking revelations were made. He told that he too was involved in the exam scam and he played a role in the scam for his nephew Anurag Yadav. Shastri Nagar police station of Patna interrogated Anurag Yadav and recorded his confessional statement.

Anurag has claimed that on the day of the exam, he got the same paper which was provided to him a day before. He was made to memorize every question overnight. 100% of the same questions were asked.

Anurag’s statement
‘My name is Anurag Yadav (22 years). I am a resident of Parida police station Hasanpur, district Samastipur. I am giving my statement of defence without fear or pressure, without greed or temptation before Inspector Tej Narayan Singh at Shastrinagar police station. I was preparing for the NEET exam by staying at Allen Coaching Center in Kota. My uncle Sikandar Yadavendu is working as a junior engineer in Danapur Municipal Council. My uncle told me that there is a NEET exam on 5 May 2024. Come back from Kota. The exam has been set. I came back from Kota and my uncle left me with Amit Anand, Nitish Kumar on the night of 4 May 2024. Here the question paper and answer sheet of the NEET exam were given. I was made to study and memorize it at night. My center was in DY Patil School. When I went to the school to take the exam, the question paper that I was made to memorize, the same questions were found in the exam correctly. After the exam, the police suddenly came and caught me. I have admitted my crime. This is my statement.”


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